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-What kind of paint do you use?
We use regular home paint exterior or interior, Berth Brand or Glidden mixed and prepared by the artist all the colors & Some Spry paint are imported from Germany. 

-How long does it last?
15 to 20 years, as long as your home base paint will last. Paint we use is exterior home paint depending of the surface the artist will use Flat , Gloss or Semigloss, we crazy about quality and lasting, that's why we always purchase the best quality and brilliant colors. Always recommend light colors than darker or sunsets because sun burn the dark color faster than 

-What Kink of Payment do we take?

Zelle- PayPal- Personal Check to Arizona Murals LLC - Venmo And Cash. 

all payments is made ones we finish the project and customer is satisfied with the final 


-Do you Apply any protective coating on the Mural?
I do not recommended in Arizona , all paint we use is exterior home paint, it will last same as your home or business paint. In Arizona Weather will crack any coating either oil base polyurethane or water base, it will seal the wall preventing the brick pores to breath through. Personally, NOT recommended .

-What kind of protective coating do you use for interiors ?.
Polyurethane finish water based for Murals in case need it, i do not recommend it
if you want to be able to see the mural from a different angles with out the light 
reflecting back.

-What are the price for backyard Murals ?. 

Due to the Surface of the brick and durability Prices are 30$ per linear foot Plus how tall is the wall. Sample if your wall is 40 foot large by 5 tall the total will be 45 X 30$ = 1350$ after 4 section panels, one section 850$. 2 sections 1200$, 3 sections 1400$ , 4 section 1800$ after 4 panels 30$ per linear ft on length depending some sections are 12 ft large other 10ft, if a Mural have subjects like (Animals, Buildings, Cars, Persons, or Lettering) will increase a 30% on top of regular landscape prices.

OUT ESTATE : 50$ per linear foot, cause of travelling and time and others expenses, all included on the price. 



- What are the prices for interior Murals?

Interior Murals cost more from 100$ per linear foot no higher than 10 foot tall, due that interior artwork is done all 100% by hand.

-What are the Prices for commercial Places.

Due to a Flat Surface or interiors, it required more details and free of Airbrush or Sprayers machine most case interiors, the artwork will be done all 100% by hand, and exterior with sprayer if need it, it will be same price as residential interiors, 100$ linear foot Length.   

Prices also can vary if mono color or sepia, ( 2 colors ) or 2D Murals , mean working on the same surface you already have without any background, ceiling Faux finish, Décor, only the artist will value, depending of your surface, or what shine you already have, if semi-gloss etc. 

-Do you do some drawings or sketch before the Mural?
Yes, we do, and also, we take pics of our client's ideas, or pictures that clients may 
have, for us to coordinate our goal.

-Do the paint smell strong or toxic?
Not at all. It is regular acrylic base.

-Can you paint in a Brick wall?
Yes Brick , clay bricks, metal, canvas, doors, ( no glass windows  ).

--How far we need to contact you, for a Mural project?
Whit a week in advance.

-Do you provide your own tools, paint, labor, preparation of area, Insurance, and 
cleaning after work? .
Yes, we do, we are responsible for caring all tools, materials, for keeping the 
place safe, and clean while we are working and cleaning after the job is done.

-In case of vandalism to the Mural or Tag, scratch, can you fix it ?, or any extra 
charge on that?.
All Mural is always lifetime warranted as long as the paint last, any damage will be 
fixed with out any charge on (a year period), ( you most add the mural to the 
insurance of the home or Building ) in case some one run into the wall or any 
mayor damage, or fire.

-How long you can travel?
Up to 500 miles, The artist can fly if needs to other estates, or towns.

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