-What kind of paint do you use?
We use regular home paint exterior or interior, Bear, mixed and prepared by the 
artist all the colors.

-How long does it last?
As long as your home base paint will last. Exterior or interior.

-Do you Apply any protective coating on the Mural?
In case the customer or local required because child play ground, or water 
irrigation close to the artwork.

-What kind of protective coating do you use?
Polyurethane Oil finish ( when close to water irrigations or columns )
Polyurethane finish water based for Murals in case need it, i do not recommend it
if you want to be able to see the mural from a different angles with out the light 
reflecting back.

-Do you do some drawings or sketch before the Mural?
Yes, we do, and also we take pics of our clients ideas, or pictures that they may 
have, for us to coordinate our goal.

-How long takes to finish a regular mural of 20 by 6 foots?.
It can be done in one day depending on details or subjects: like persons or animals.

-In Case we like to add or remove something from the mural while you are working 
on, there's any extra charge on that?
No, you be able to talk directly with the artist and ask any changes or colors about 
the same theme.

-Do the paint smell strong or toxic?
Not at all. It is regular Acrylic flat base.

-Can you paint in a Brick wall?
Yes Brick , clay bricks or goods, metal, canvas, doors, ( no glass windows  ).

-Can we reproduce the Mural, or take pics once is done?
Yes, once the artist signed a certificate of copy right will be granted.

-How far we need to contact you, for a Mural project?
Whit a week in advance.

-Do you provide your own tools, paint, labor, preparation of area, Insurance, and 
cleaning after work? .
Yes, we do, we are responsible for caring all tools, materials, for keeping the 
place safe, and clean while we are working.

-In case of vandalism to the Mural or Tag, scratch, can you fix it ?, or any extra 
charge on that?.
All Mural is always lifetime warranted as long as the paint last, any damage will be 
fixed with out any charge on (a year period), ( you most add the mural to the 
insurance of the home or Building ) in case some one ran into the wall or any 
mayor damage, or fire.

-How long you can travel?
Up to 500 miles, The artist can fly if needs to other estates, or towns.

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